Unwanted Medications

Cleaning out your medicine cabinet? We take old medicines here at the Depot. The Recycle Depot can take all medicines in pill or liquid form. You may bring them in their original containers or in other sealed containers, but remove personal information from the labels first.

  • Over-the-counter medicines such as pain relievers or vitamins
  • Old prescriptions
  • Large quantities are okay
  • Sharps (put in a medical waste container with a lid or a detergent bottle with the lid taped shut)
  • Small individual medical devices
  • Mercury thermometers

PLEASE: NO NARCOTICS. These must be taken to the Marshall County Jail’s drop site just inside the front doors.

Because of the risk of puncture, sharps must be disposed of in a medical waste box or heavy plastic sealed container, such as a detergent bottle. Absolutely no sharps will be accepted in Ziploc bags or milk jugs or any type of lighter plastic.