List of Acceptable Materials for Drop-Off

Marshall County Solid Waste has diverted tons of hazardous materials from our landfills. Our staff is specially trained to help you sort these materials and see that they are safely disposed of. Even just a small amount of these substances in the environment can cause irreparable damage to humans and other living things. Thanks for helping us take care of our home and keep Marshall County safe for all.

Please call ahead for an appointment if you are dropping off a large load due to a house or garage clean-out so we are ready to receive your items.


 Here’s a partial list:

  • Automotive waste
  • Household & Vehicle Batteries
  • Household & Garden Chemicals
  • Light bulbs, mercury waste
  • Vehicle Tires
  • Appliances with Freon (fees apply)
  • Appliances without Freon (toasters, mixers, or other counter-top sized appliances)
  • Electronics
  • Old Meds and Sharps

What we won’t take:

  • Nothing delivered in garbage bags — all chemicals must be visible
  • No leaking or compromised containers
  • No containers larger than 5 gallons
  • Nothing explosive, such as fireworks or ammunition
  • No lab gases or school lab cleanouts (talk to us about solutions, though!)

*As of November 2022, we no longer take floor-standing appliances without Freon, such as washers, dryers, or stoves. Take to Habitat Restore.