Adult Education & Outreach

Master Recyclers. Ever wanted to do a deep dive into the recycling industry? Learn what it takes for you and your group to become Master Recyclers through a series of three one-hour sessions. This training includes Depot tours and field trips to the landfill, materials recover facilities, and other types of recycling facilities.

Compost Crash Course. For those looking to begin composting but just aren’t quite sure where and how to begin. With a quick one-hour session, you can be on your way to composting at home. Bonus: build/take home compost jar and snacks!

Depot Tours. Learn what we do, what we can take, and more! Meet Depot staff and learn about the recycling options available to you through the Recycle Depot!

Curbside Recycling Education. Stressed out about recycling? This is a program dedicated teaching you what can and can’t go into your curbside recycling and why.

Community Clean Up Initiatives. Plan a day and time to clean up litter in our community. We’ve got the equipment–gather a group and partner with us to help keep Marshall County litter-free!


Marshall County community leaders gathered for a tour of the landfill’s new waste-to-energy plant. Landfills can be fun! 🙂