Municipality or Business



Please call the Depot office before you bring items to drop off. Some of our requirements may have changed. Our services are free to county and city organizations, but some fees may apply for special types of waste.


A business must qualify as a Very Small Quantity Generator to use the Depot’s services. This includes agricultural operations.

A VSQG is an entity that:

  • does not generate more than 200 LBS of hazardous waste per month
  • does not generate more than 2.2 lbs. of acutely hazardous waste per month
  • does not store more than 2,200 LBS (approximately four 55-gallon drums) of hazardous waste at any time.
  • Exceptions may apply for universal waste (batteries and/or light bulbs).
  • If you are a large business that needs to dispose of more hazardous waste than we can take here at the Depot, contact us for disposal options!

Municipalities and businesses must make an appointment to drop off hazardous materials at the Depot. Please call the office at 574-935-8618 prior to your drop-off so we can arrange to receive your materials and alert you to any fees that apply.

Commercial chemicals and laboratories. We are not equipped to do laboratory clean-outs. We have a variety of resources to help schools or businesses who require assistance with disposing of commercial chemicals–just call us!

In general:

  • Light bulbs must be boxed or taped with masking tape (not duct tape). No loose bulbs. 
  • Batteries must be sorted by chemistry.
  • All chemicals must be labeled with their contents and transported in sealed original containers. 
  • There may be a charge for dropping off materials, including tires. Please see our fee schedule for more information