Recycling Rules

All recycling must be loose, clean, and free of food waste.

Be a sport and PRE-SORT! Separating your recyclables before you come prevents long waiting times.


Big Blue Bins: Cardboard and Paperboard 

Big Green Bins: Paper (Office paper, newsprint)

No disposable paper face masks or used tissues, please! These are not recyclable. 

No tissue paper or glittery wrapping paper; no gift bags


In the Compactor (HIMCO box):

Plastics and Metal (Aluminum, tin, steel) 

Plastic PET #1 bottles and jars: beverage, health/beauty products, food jars

Plastic HDPE #2 bottles: milk jugs, orange juice, liquid detergent and softener bottles

Plastic PP #5 containers: margarine, butter, and yogurt cups; medicine bottles

Blue Glass Bin

Glass bottles and jars: all colors accepted, labels are OK. No lids, please.

No Pyrex, porcelain, candle jars, tableware, microwave trays. Canning jars are OK.

Styrofoam and Shrink Wraps/Plastic Bags

Mixed Styrofoam (all colors, rigid foam, NO FOOD WASTE and NO FLEXIBLE FOAM) These bins are located to the right as you park your vehicle to recycle. 

Shrink wrap, including grocery bags, shipping envelopes, and woven salt bags, can be given to staff or placed in the red wheeled cart.