The new year is nearly here, and we are making a few changes at the Depot starting January 1st. Here’s a brief outline, but the changes will be going up on the website soon.

Starting January 1, 2018:

Car and truck passenger tires off the rim will cost $2. (All other tire costs are the same as 2017).

We are no longer taking alkaline batteries. They are safe for landfills, so they can be thrown away in regular trash. We are encouraging folks to use rechargeable batteries in all their devices and bring these and all other batteries into the Depot for recycling.

We are also going to be asking our customers to sort their batteries by type and/or chemistry BEFORE bringing them to us. This will help us keep the Depot waste stream organized and efficient.

No latex paint – we mean it! Well, actually, we will take latex paint if it is still usable. If it is not, please allow it to dry into a solid and discard with regular trash. You can use regular clay cat litter or sawdust to help with the solidifying process.


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