Resources for Hard-To-Dispose-Of Items

Nope – we don’t take mattresses.

The Depot cannot take any type of housewares, including:

Building materials
Plumbing (including toilets, vanities)
Vinyl siding
Mattresses or box springs
Ceramics or heat-proof glass
Used tools
CDs & DVDs
Artificial Christmas trees

Most used-up housewares, especially textiles, are not recyclable. Dispose of them in your regular trash. If you have bulk items, such as furniture or mattresses/box springs, call your waste hauler for a bulk pick-up (links below):

No trash service?

  • Take the items directly to County Line Landfill. Reach the landfill at County Line Landfill: 574-223-9610.
  • Drop off items at the main entrance. The fee for items under the one-ton minimum is $50.00. 

Dumping and Burning

  • Dumping or burning trash is illegal. If you see anyone dumping or burning garbage, please call the Recycle Depot so that we can contact the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.
  • When you burn trash, you are making poison–furniture, tires, mattresses/box springs, and other domestics now contain chemical compounds such as flame retardants that are carcinogenic when burned. Protect yourself and your loved ones and DO NOT BURN TRASH.

Here are some possible options for your still-usable items!

Large Loads of Metal Scrap, including vehicles, playground equipment, lawn equipment, grills
LaPaz Iron & Metal

Rochester Iron & Metal
Lewis Salvage
Omnisource, Inc. 

Antique or “Still Good” Building Materials, Tools, Artwork, Furniture
Habitat for Humanity Restore

Goodwill Industries of Michiana

Salvage yards (see above)

Better World Books (drop-off box at Plymouth Martins Supermarket)
Goodwill Industries
Salvation Army
Local library book drives

Brush/Yard Waste
City residents: call your street department
County residents: may burn clean piles of brush. (There is currently no option for county yard waste).

Clothing, Shoes, Housewares, Furniture, Records/CDs/DVDs, Toys, Domestics
Goodwill Industries
Salvation Army