Marshall County residents without curbside recycling may drop off the following at the Recycle Depot during normal business hours:


Paperboard (tissue boxes, food containers, etc.)

Paper – office, newspaper, junk mail, greeting cards, correspondence

Plastics (keep lids on, all colors accepted)

PETE #1 bottles and jars, including:

    • soft drink liters, Gatorade, fruit juice, single serve water bottles;
    • containers include peanut butter jars, ketchup, syrup, salad dressing bottles
    • Health and beauty products such as mouthwash, shampoo, and lotions

HDPE #2 bottles, including:

    • Milk jugs, orange juice, liquid detergent and softener bottles

PP #5 containers, including:

    • Margarine, butter, and yogurt cups
    • Medicine bottles

Aluminum and steel cans (labels OK)

Glass bottles and jars: all colors accepted, labels are OK. Rinse containers and remove lids.

All recycling must be loose, clean, dry and free of food waste. No plastic bags, please: return all plastic bags to collection containers in the entrances of Martins, Kroger, or Walmart.