Gun Ammunition

Ammunition for guns, whatever the size, comprises a propellant charge and a projectile. A whole round of ammunition comprises the propellant or charge and the projectile or shell. For a typical fixed round, the cartridge case is usually made of brass, 70 parts copper to 30 parts zinc. The brass is molded into shape in a series of stages, which toughen and harden the metal.

The shell or projectile has three main components: the high explosive filling, the driving band, and the fuse. For a shotgun cartridge, the single projectile if replaced by a quantity of small lead balls (shot), their size and number depending on the range and spread required. These are primarily used by sportsmen for hunting.

Bullet casings and shotgun shells can be reloaded and used over. The bullet casings can be returned to a gun shop for reloading, or traded in on new or reloaded bullets. The Recycle Depot does not accept any explosive devices including ammunition, however, if you contact us way may be able to direct you to a recycling or disposal option.