Green Business Initiative

Dear Business Leader,

Has your business taken steps recently to conserve natural resources, deal responsibly with your waste, lower your energy use, or reduce your pollution?

The Recycle Depot and the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce think it’s about time you received some credit for your efforts!

We have established a program called the Green Business Initiative. This program allows businesses to chart their progress as good green citizens by noting their actions on a series of checklists. Once the checklists are filled out and submitted to the Recycle Depot office, businesses will receive a certification as a Marshall County Green Business. The checklists are rigorous, because we don’t want to award this certification lightly and because the steps businesses take will contribute to a safer, cleaner community for us all.

You might be asking, “Why should my business participate?”

Here are a few reasons:

  • You will save money. Becoming more energy-efficient and waste-conscious will lower your utility bills.
  • You will build morale. Employees appreciate a responsible workplace when everyone (especially the boss) is on board.
  • You will boost your reputation. The public tends to view a workplace responsible with its resources as a good corporate citizen.
  • You will get to use our logo on your marketing materials. We created it with you in mind, to let your customers know that you are serious about environmental conservation.
  • You will be recognized at the annual Chamber of Commerce celebration. A pat on the back feels good!

Click here to access the guidelines and here to access the checklists. If you have any questions, please contact the Chamber or the Recycle Depot.


Marianne Peters, Exec. Director of the Recycle Depot

Connie Holzwart, Exec. Director of the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce