ABC Promise Partnership Bench Program

NOTE: The Recycle Depot has a surplus of caps at this time. We are not taking more caps! However, if you wish to order a product and take advantage of our surplus, please read this page and then contact us. 

For a decade, Marshall County schools and other organizations have been collecting plastic caps and lids in exchange for recycled plastic benches! These quality benches (and other products) are colorful, sturdy, and weatherproof. BONUS: they remove plastic from the waste stream and invest it as a feedstock for useful products. Take a look at the eligible products here.

Interested in getting involved? Please read the following policy carefully. This will help you and our office ensure on-time and correct delivery of your products from Green Tree Plastics. If you have any questions, call our office at 574-935-8618 or email Director Marianne Peters at We are glad to help!

The following types of organizations are eligible to participate:
  • Schools
  • Municipalities
  • Non-profits with 501C(3) status located in Marshall County
  • All organizations ordering through MCSWMD must register with MCSWMD to be eligible.
  • To register, visit the MCSWMD office and pick up a registration packet. Fill out the registration form and return to the office. You will be contacted with information for the next trip and any upcoming order deadlines.
  • Individuals, families, or for-profit organizations may not participate in the program through MCSWMD. However, these entities may contact GTP directly to order products any time they wish: a 7% sales tax will be applied to these
  • products. MCSWMD will only pick up products ordered by individuals, families, or for-profit organizations when they are also picking up products for non-profit customers and if there is room on the truck!
  • All eligible products are available for order on the GTP website at:
  • Prices and cap weight requirements do change, so participants should check the website periodically.
  • MCSWMD may occasionally stock products from Green Tree. Organizations may purchase these products for the current price/cap requirement and must show proof of non-profit status. Checks must be written to Marshall County Solid Waste if purchased at MCSWMD.
Cap Collection and Storage
  • The list of acceptable plastics can be accessed here:
  • Organizations are responsible for collecting and storing their own caps. MCSWMD can provide Gaylord boxes or bulk sacks if needed. All caps must be stored clean, dry, and loose—no smaller bags or bags with contamination will be accepted.
  • Organizations must stop collecting caps when they have reached the desired weight for their product(s). Due to limited space at the Depot, no additional caps will be accepted or stored. (Caps/lids are #5 plastic and can be recycled). One full Gaylord box equals approximately 400 lbs. of caps. Short on caps? The Depot can “top you off” as needed–just ask!
  • MCSWMD will schedule pick-ups and deliveries about 2 times a year (approximately November and April).
  • Organizations must provide a contact person to receive regular emails about order status.
Orders and Payment
  • Do not order products directly through Green Tree Plastics. All orders must go through the MCSWMD office if your organization wants to participate in a pick-up.
  • All orders must be in writing using the order sheet provided by MCSWMD.
  • Orders and payments must be made given to MCSWMD 6 weeks in advance of a scheduled 
  • pick-up. Payment must be in the form of a check to GREEN TREE PLASTICS. Tax-exempt information must be attached to the order.
Summing Up … Ordering Procedure:
  1. Decide to order a bench!
  2. Identify a contact person/administrator for your group.
  3. Visit Green Tree Plastics’ website for current products and prices.
  4. Pick up registration packet from MCSWMD.
  5. Fill out and return registration to MCSWMD.
  6. Identify the product(s) your group would like and check next order deadline.
  7. Start cap collection and stop when you have the weight you need.
  8. Present completed order form, check written to Green Tree Plastics, and tax information to MCSWMD in time for the next trip.
  9. Receive notification that your order was placed and the date for product pick-up.
  10. Pick up your product and enjoy it for years to come!