Miscellaneous Recycling

Hardback Books
In Marshall County hardback books can be recycled at the Recycle Depot.  Look for the green bin labeled “Better World Books.”  Hardback books with cloth binding are unable to be recycled at curbside without individuals physically ripping the recyclable pages from their binder (soft-back books are recyclable in most curbside programs). The best thing to do with books is not to recycle them at all, but to reuse them. Old textbooks and encyclopedias tend to have less value because they often contain outmoded information. Try contributing used books to a neighborhood book sale. Libraries and schools raise funds by selling old books at a garage sale value. Used book stores and places like the Salvation Army store, nursing homes and friends may be additional outlets.

Construction and Demolition Debris

o Alligator Aggregate (asphalt and clean concrete), 11707 Pear Road, Plymouth, IN (574) 952-0617
o Pyramid Excavation (asphalt and clean concrete), 2991 Fir Road, Bremen,           (574) 546-5176
o Bass Lake Sand and Gravel (clean concrete)
o VIM (vinyl siding, dry wall, wood – no paint or treated), Goshen, (574) 642-3677
o Vinyl Recycle Guy, Four locations in Indiana (Franklin, Pleasant View, Greensburg, and Columbus) Recycles vinyl siding, windows, doors, fencing, and decking.

(812) 614-5700
o Christmas in April (new & gently used building materials), contact Tony Lenne at (574) 936-4061
o Habitat for Humanity – ReStore, 116 S. Walnut St., Plymouth, IN (574) 935-4214  (new & gently used building materials.)


o Blount’s Auto Salvage, US 6 West, LaPaz, (574) 784-2111
o Dimmitt’s, P.O. Box 68, Argos, (574) 892-5097
o Hundt’s Auto Salvage, 13600 West 5C Road, Plymouth, (574) 935-5424
o Donate a car to charity – get tax write off.  Many charities to consider.
o Kidney Foundation (to donate your car call to arrange pick up), (800) 382-9971

Eye Glasses and Hearing Aids
The Lions Club has collection boxes at the following locations:

o Recycle Depot, 1900 Walter Glaub Dr., Plymouth
o First Source Bank, 315 North Michigan, Plymouth
o Dr. Jerry Kralovansky, OD, 109 North Walnut, Plymouth
o Plymouth Optical Service, 215 North Michigan, Plymouth

Scrap Metal
o Wager’s Salvage, 9717 East 16th Road, Argos, (574) 892-5697

Sharps (used syringes)
o People’s Drug Store, 301 North Michigan Street, Plymouth, (574) 936-3167
o CVS Pharmacy, 103 South Ohio, Culver, (574) 842-3400
o Bourbon Pharmacy, 101 South Main Street, Bourbon, (574) 342-5605
o Bremen Town Hall, 111 South Center, Bremen, (574) 546-2471
o Recycle Depot, 1900 Walter Glaub Dr., Plymouth (574) 935-8618

Medical Waste
o Premier Medical Waste Services, Inc., 1591 West 250 South, Albion, IN 46701, (260) 636-6800
o Kimedic, Elkhart, (800) 634-4626
o Stericycle, (800) MED-WASTE

The Recycle Depot, Marshall County Sheriff/Jail, Town of Argos Police Station, Town of Bremen Police station, and Town of Culver Police Station, also collects expired medication.

Furniture and Bedding
The best way to get rid of furniture (assuming it has some service life remaining) is through organizations such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries, Habitat for Humanity ReStore or the Marshall County Neighborhood Center who can resale it in their stores, or provide it to those in need. Garage sales and “for sale” ads attract bargain hunters. To contribute your usable furniture free to a needy household, try contacting a community church or social-service agency. Or post a notice at a nearby college; students have little money for furniture and a constant need.

If the furniture is beyond repair and totally unusable, the ultimate disposal is burial in a landfill. Upholstered furniture (the most common) is composed of cloth, wire, wood, metal, and stuffing of either natural fiber or plastic. Furniture can be buried with minimal environmental risk and without occupying too much space. The bulldozers that push, crush, and compact wastes are very effective at reducing bulk.  Most waste haulers will do a big item pickup for their customers.

Household Items
Many local organizations and charities accept usable clothing, furniture, televisions, appliances, and other household items. Consider donating good usable items for reuse.
o Marshall County Neighborhood Center, 402 West Garro Street, Plymouth,  (574) 936-3388
o Salvation Army Thrift Store, 133 Water Street, Plymouth, (574) 936-8822
o Goodwill Industries, call (574) 234-1661 ext. 680 for the nearest location.

Wood Pallets
o North Central Pallets, 13990 State Road 10, Argos, (574) 892-6142 (also accepts other clean wood debris and industrial wood scrap)
o N.J. Pallet, 1145 Markley Drive, Plymouth, (574) 936-1438
o Pallet Recycle, (800) 448-2883

Computer Equipment
o Recycle Depot, 1900 Walter Glaub Dr., Plymouth, (574) 935-8618
o Habitat for Humanity – Re-Store, 116 S. Walnut St., Plymouth (574) 935-4214
o Marshall County Neighborhood Center – accepts working condition Pentium & higher PCs, 402 West Garro Street, Plymouth, (574) 936-3388
o Catholic Charities – accepts working condition Pentium & higher PCs, 315 East Washington Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46802, (260) 432-0242
o Million’s Used Computers, 1022 West Jefferson Blvd., Mishawaka 46545,

(574) 257-7570
o C&I Electronics, 1315 Read Street, Unit C, Evansville, IN 47710-9946, www.ci-electronics.com
o Goldsmith Recycling, Indianapolis, IN, (800) 977-6285
o AAA Environmental Inc., 8833 Mansfield Avenue, Morton Grove, IL 60053-2438, (847) 583-1215
o United Refining & Smelting Co., 3700 North Runge Avenue, Franklin Park, IL 60131, (847) 455-8800

Toner Cartridges

o Recycle Depot, 1900 Walter Glaub Dr., Plymouth, IN  (574) 935-8618
o DMC-Lasers, Inc., 1503 North Michigan Street, Plymouth, (574) 936-4455

Ink-Jet Cartridges

o Recycle Depot, 1900 Walter Glaub Dr., Plymouth, IN  (574) 935-8618
o Radio Shack (Plymouth)
o Radio Shack (Bremen) 1455 West Plymouth
o Radio Shack (Argos), 200A West Walnut
o Wal-Mart (Plymouth), Electronics Department
o K-Mart (Plymouth), Electronics Department
o DMC Lasers (Plymouth), 1503 North Michigan Street, (574) 936-4455
o Plymouth Post Office

Food Items
Frozen and refrigerated items, canned and dry goods (no homemade foods)
o American Red Cross, 215 West Garro Street, Plymouth, (574) 936-3928

Cooking Fats & Oils

o Recycle Depot, 1900 Walter Glaub Dr., Plymouth, IN  (574) 935-8618
o National Bi-Products, 12091 Plymouth-Goshen Trail, Plymouth, (574) 936-2144
o IPC, Terre Haute, (800) 258-2191
o G. A. Wintzer, Ohio, (800) 331-1801

Shrink Wrap & Plastic Grocery Bags

o Kroger’s, Martin’s, and Wal-Mart, Plymouth, IN
o Parker Plastics, 400 North Griffin Street, Grand Haven, MI 49417, (616) 842-9336

Packing Peanuts
Clean polystyrene “peanuts” can be returned to many “pack and ship” companies to be reused. Call the “peanut pipeline” for the location nearest you at (800) 828-2214. Businesses with larger volumes may be eligible for a service whereby “peanuts” can be collected at your door. For more information contact Mike Web in Warsaw at (574) 268-5360.

o Foam Recycling of Fort Wayne, 3501 Kenosha Road, Fort Wayne (260) 749-9597

Six-Pack Ring Holders
ITW Hi-Cone Recycling (free program for schools) 1140 West Bryn Mawr Avenue, Itasca, IL 60143, (800) 765-7464. Also have shrink wrap recycling program available for industries with large volumes (semi-load).

Greeting Cards
Cut off the fronts of greeting cards and send them to, St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, 100 St. Jude’s Street. Boulder City, NV 89005

CDs & Cassettes

o Recycle Depot, 1900 Walter Glaub Dr., Plymouth, IN  (574) 935-8618
o MRC Polymers c/o DADC (mail CDs, cases, & plastic trays, no cassettes), 300 North Fruitridge Avenue, Terre Haute, IN 46803, (812) 462-8100
o Plastic Recycling, Inc. (mail CDs, cases, & cassettes – remove paper & cardboard), 2015 South Pennsylvania Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46225, (317) 780-6100

Used Video Tapes

o Recycle Depot, 1900 Walter Glaub Dr., Plymouth, IN  (574) 935-8618
o ECO-Media Recycling Center, (800) 359-4601


Ammunition for guns, whatever the size, comprises a propellant charge and a projectile. A whole round of ammunition comprises the propellant or charge and the projectile or shell. For a typical fixed round, the cartridge case is usually made of brass, 70 parts copper to 30 parts zinc. The brass is molded into shape in a series of stages, which toughen and harden the metal.

The shell or projectile has three main components: the high explosive filling, the driving band, and the fuse. For a shotgun cartridge, the single projectile if replaced by a quantity of small lead balls (shot), their size and number depending on the range and spread required. These are primarily used by sportsmen for hunting.

Bullet casings and shotgun shells can be reloaded and used over. The bullet casings can be returned to a gun shop for reloading, or traded in on new or reloaded bullets. The Recycle Depot does not accept any explosive devices including ammunition, however, if you contact us way may be able to direct you to a recycling or disposal option.