• A business must qualify as a VSQG to participate in the District’s program.
  • A VSQG can be a large industrial manufacturer or a small shop.
  • VSQG status is achieved by producing less than 100 kgs. (220 lbs.) of hazardous waste per month, including a maximum of 1 kg. (2.2 lbs.) acutely hazardous waste.
  • If a business generates more than this amount, it is required by law to use a licensed hazardous waste hauler to manifest and transport its waste.

To participate in the VSQG program, please read and sign the guidelines below and fill out the hazardous project listing. Bring the signed copy of the guidelines with you when you drop off your waste. The product listing will need to be filled out for each visit and emailed ahead so we can prepare to receive your delivery. Thanks for your cooperation!


  • Caution should be taken when transporting hazardous material to the Depot.
  • If possible, use the original product container, or label the container if the contents are different than listed.
  • Do not mix materials!
  • All containers should have secure lids and be packed upright in a leak-proof box.
  • Provide Safety Data Sheets or any other information about the material (e.g. how it is used).


Business and all non-household entities (churches, schools, government agencies, and non-profit groups) need to make an appointment to drop off materials. Call our office at 935-8618 for more information or to make an appointment.